Monthly Archives: January 2014

IMG_1822So Elroy is now 10 months old.  He’s more active now than ever before and soaking in everything he sees and touches.  He’s commando crawling like lightening and distracted as easily as he is bored with his toys and books.

He’s getting very good at picking himself up and wants to be on his feet as much as possible.

It’s becoming very clear to me that we’re both ready for a bit more than just being home together. Yesterday I took him for a walk around One Tree Hill to get some exercise in and also to look at the animals there.  He loved it.  It was really good for both of us.  But Today, I woke up feeling really tired and didn’t have the energy to do much.  I feel guilty that I am not embracing my role as a “Stay At Home Mom” by spending the day cooped up inside the house.

I only have a little over 2 months left before I return to work.  It’s going to be really hard to leave Elroy in someone else’s care but at the same time it’s becoming really clear to me that he’s ready for so much more than what I can offer at home.  I’m also ready to return to work and keep busy during the day.  Although renovations have taken a lot of my time, I need the structured stress and deadline that work provides.

I plan on actively scheduling in activities for Elroy while I am at home the next couple of months.

  • Wriggle and Rhymes on Thursday mornings if it fits in with Elroy’s nap schedule
  • Coffee group
  • Walk at One Tree Hill or the Domain

I’m going to miss him lots but as a parent, I want him to be happy and participate in life in all aspects.  Socialising and interacting with other kids is definitely the right step towards this.