Birthday Musings

I’m 32 years old Today.  Birthdays are a great time to reflect, set new goals,and think about the years past and the years ahead.  Here are a few things that I’ve been thinking about lately:

  • Success.  I never thought that I’d be working in Finance but here I am having successfully worked in this industry for the last 6 years.  I’m both proud of my achievements for making it this far but also regret that I never pursued other things that I am more passionate about.
  • Smoking.  I’ve been a social smoker for over 10 years.  I always said that I’ll quit when I get older.  Well, guess what?  I am now older.
  • Family.  My parents are a constant source of inspiration as no matter how hard things get, they are always positive and persevering.  My Dad has recently turned his life around after turning 60. He told me yesterday that his first 30 years were all about him and his parents.  The next 30 years were about my mom and my sister and me.  He reflects on the last 60 years with some pride but feels that he didn’t live life as the best person that he can be.  I love this as it shows that it’s never too late to turn things around.

I’m looking forward to another year of laughter, tears, adventures.  I have a holiday planned for NYC which has always been a dream of mine.  I’m also looking forward to finding a new job and learning new skills.  I’m excited about what this blog will become as I continue to write and get inspired.



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